Day One

(August 28, 1999)


Our long trek started fairly early.  We wanted to drive the scenic route (Route 2) to New York, and take our time on the trip.

Along the way, we stopped at Howe Caverns in Cobleskill.  We decided to tour the Secret Caverns, which is another set of caverns nearby (Nate had been to Howe several times, but had never been to the Secret Caverns).  Both sets of caverns have their appeal (Howe has a boat ride, and elevator, and a more professional tour.  Secret Caverns is a little less expensive, has tour guides with a sense of humor, and a 100-foot waterfall underground).

Secret Caverns Secret Caverns

Secret Caverns Secret Caverns

After lunch at the Howe Estate, we continued our journey.  We did a quick side trip into Endicott, NY (where Nate grew up) and then backtracked to Binghamton, where we spent the night with some family friends, John and Linda Nolan.

John and Linda were great hosts, and treated us to a wonderful dinner of Speedies (chicken on a skewer, served with bread) and more side dishes than we could possibly finish.  Fantastic!

After an evening of visiting, we settled down for bed, and prepared for the next day of our adventure.

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