Day Two

(August 29, 1999)

We had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel (once Melissa sees a Cracker Barrel, there IS no other choice for breakfast - but the rest of us had no complaints).

After breakfast, we headed out toward Corning.  After a little trouble finding the Museum, we finally located it and went in.  The Museum is the old Corning Glass Works factory turned into a museum (when Nate was a kid, the Museum used to be IN the Glass Works, but Corning eventually moved the production facility out of the building and changed the entire building into a Museum).  The Museum was neat, with all kinds of glass art and regular glass-blowing demonstrations.

Glassblowing Demo Glassblowing Demo Glassblowing Demo

The only sad part about the demonstrations was at the end of each demonstration, where the craftsmen destroyed the piece they were creating during the demonstration.  Apparently, the pieces made during demonstrations were not considered good enough for sale and it takes too long to cool them properly.

After out visit in Corning, it was on to the Falls!

We arrived in the early evening and checked in to the Bed and Breakfast, then walked down to the Falls and had supper at the Secret Garden restaurant.  Then we had to take a few pictures of our first glimpse of the Falls.

American Falls Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls

At sunset, the red light from the setting sun reflected off the mist over Horseshoe Falls (the Canadian Falls).  It is quite a spectacular effect.

Sunset at the Falls

Then we decided to go down the elevator and walk down the corridors behind the Falls.  The view is not all that spectacular (it is basically a wall of falling water), but the roaring of the falls is incredible from there.

Behind the Falls Behind the Falls

There is also an observation area located at the base of the falls where you can get a good look at the falls above you, and the American side.

The American Side The Canadian Falls from Below

After sunset, we walked back to the B&B to rest up for the next day's adventures.

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