Day Eight

(September 4, 1999)


After breakfasting in the motor home, we headed out to find the Ben and Jerry's Factory.  This turned into quite a search.  The Factory was in one place on the map, but quite another in real life.  We did find it eventually, however, with the help of a few friendly locals.

The Factory was shut down for the day for Y2K testing (and Nate was NOT recruited to help for once), but the tours (and samples!) still went on.  The tour is very inexpensive and interesting, and the samples were tasty (Cherry Garcia and Caramel Swirl).

Of course, we had to add to the samples at the ice cream counter once the tour was finished...

Then it was time to look around the complex.  A few photos were taken...

 Ben and Jerry?  I don't think so... More impostors!

One of the funny things about the complex is the Flavor Graveyard.   Every flavor that is taken out of circulation is given its own gravestone with a brief (and usually funny) eulogy.

Dastardly Mash, we hardly knew ye... Daniels in Mud?

Next, we headed for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company factory, where we took an interesting (and very pun-laden) tour.

Our final stop was the Mad Hatter Brewery, where we missed the tour but took full advantage of the free samples!

Then on to dinner at the Olive Garden, and back to the motor home.

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