Day Four

(August 31, 1999)


Brekkie this morning was French Toast with cherries and whipped cream, along with fresh fruit, homemade bread, fresh juice, and lots of coffee.  Then it was time to pack and head toward Toronto.

Toronto was about a 1 1/2 hour drive from the Falls.  We decided to skip the Botanical Gardens at Niagara and just head straight to Toronto so we could be sure of finding our Hotel and settling in.

In Toronto, we visited the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and spent a couple of hours browsing through that.  The ROM is an extremely extensive museum, and is fantastic.   It was a couple of miles' walk from the Hotel, so we rode the subway back (and regretted not riding the subway UP).  After all of the walking at the Falls, we were both a little footsore.

After a short rest, we walked (yes, walked - again) from our Hotel down to the CN Tower.

CN Tower

We had reservations for dinner at the 360 Restaurant, a rotating restaurant located at the top of the Tower.  Dinner was very nice, and the view was absolutely fantastic.

View from 360 Restaurant on CN Tower View from 360 Restaurant View from 360 Restaurant

View from 360 Restaurant Happy Diners

While we were eating supper, a baseball game was taking place below us in the stadium.  The streaks in the photo are reflections on the window from the sun.

Baseball Game from CN Tower Baseball Game from CN Tower

The price of our meal included an unlimited ticket to the Observation Level, so we went down there and had a good look.  One part of the floor of the Observation Level is made of thick plexiglass, so you can actually walk out on it and look straight down (not for those susceptible to vertigo).  Melissa declined this experience, but Nate walked out and took a picture looking straight down (the blur in the foreground is a size 12 shoe...).


Since it was getting into the evening, we decided to wait around and see the sunset from the Tower, which is quite a sight.

Sunset from CN Tower

We walked back to the hotel and started planning out the drive to Montreal.

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