Tuesday Night 3/30/99

The Rim Trail - Night Photos

    Taking the opportunity of a bright, full moon, Nate and Brenda decided to take a walk out to the Rim and see what the Canyon looked like in the moonlight.  It was a very different and beautiful view of the Canyon, but there was not enough light to really see all that much.

    Three different photos were taken.  All of these were taken using the tripod and a 30-second exposure time.

    The first photo is a look straight out over the Canyon.

Night View over Canyon

    The second is a view West to the point where the West Rim Trail goes out (the moon was directly behind the camera at this point).

Night View Facing West

    And the final photo was a portrait of the Night Adventurers.   This was the most difficult of all because it required us to remain completely still and posed for 30 seconds.  We could barely hear the shutter when it closed.

Portrait of Two People Completely in the Dark...


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