The Grand Canyon Vacation

(3/27/99 - 4/2/99)

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    We arrived in Phoenix on Friday at about 11:30PM local time (but our body clocks were saying it was 1:30AM).  Things did not start smoothly, as Alamo did not have the vehicles anyone wanted that evening, and, after a 1 hour and 30 minute wait in line, we settled for a car instead of the minivan that we had reserved.  As it turned out, the car was fine, so maybe it was for the best.

    Upon waking the next morning, we had a quick breakfast and got in the car.  We decided to take the entire first day to get from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon and do some touring along the way.  Some of the major sights were Sedona, Prescott, Jerome, and the Tuzigoot National Monument.

Click Here for Details and Pictures of Saturday 3/27/99 - The Drive Up

    We arrived at the Canyon about 7:30PM on Saturday and checked into our room in the Yavapai Lodge.  We decided to take the evening off and relax.   The next morning, we decided to see the sunrise, then arranged a couple of tours.

Click here for Details and Pictures of Sunday 3/28/99 - First day at the Canyon and the Desert View Tour

    After an enjoyable sunset, we returned to our room and rested up for the next day's adventures.  We made a few attempts at night photography that evening, but unfortunately there was too much light in the area we were trying it, and nothing came out.  The next morning, it was back up for another sunrise and another tour.

Details and Pictures of Monday 3/29/99 - The Rim and the Hermits Rest Sunset Tour

    After a beautiful day, we went back and got a good night's sleep.   Perhaps a little too good, as we overslept the sunrise.  Oh, well.   Tuesday morning was officially designated "laundry day".  In the afternoon, we went out to the areas of the West Rim we had not seen yet, including The Abyss.

Details and Pictures of Tuesday 3/30/99 - Completing the West Rim

    At this point, we all figured we had seen everything, and we decided to get an extra day of touring in around the Flagstaff area.  A few night shots were attempted, and these worked out much better than the last set (Click Here to see them).  Wednesday, we got up a little late to see the sunrise, but went out to see it anyway.  Then it was time to pack up for the drive to Flagstaff.

Details and Pictures of Wednesday 3/31/99 - The Drive to Flagstaff

    April Fools!!!  Mother Nature greeted us Thursday morning with about 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground!  I guess she figured we hadn't had enough snow in New Hampshire this year, so she sent some down to meet us in Arizona.  We finally made it to Phoenix, but it was an adventure and a half...

Details and Pictures of Thursday 4/1/99 - The Snow Sled Ride to Phoenix

    On Friday, we went to see the Phoenix Art Museum, then rode to the airport to catch our flights.  The flights were uneventful, and we arrived back in New Hampshire at about 10:30PM.