Technical Details (for those who are interested)




Most of the pictures on these pages were taken using a Canon Rebel-G Camera with the standard 35-80mm lens.  For some of the extremely high-zoom photos, a Quantaray Tech-10-CN-AF (70-300mm) lens and tripod were used.  Both lenses have a UV filter installed.  Photos taken with the Canon will have file names starting in "C".  Both Fuji premium and Kodak Gold Max film were used (all ASA-400 film).

Some photos were taken with a Kodak Star 1035Z Point-and-Shoot zoom camera.  These photos will have file names starting with "M".  This camera used all Kodak Gold Max film (ASA-400).

Pictures developed at Rite Aid's one hour lab, which was chosen because the local Rite Aid uses Kodak paper and chemicals.




All images were scanned using a Mustek 1200 III EP Parallel Port Scanner at 150 DPI Resolution.  Images were saved at 45 - 50% JPEG quality, balancing image quality against size and internet bandwidth considerations (resulted in an average 100K image size).

Thumbnails were made by taking the original image and scaling it down to 30 percent of the original size.

All Panoramic shots were taken using the Canon Rebel-G with the standard lens (some were taken using a tripod, some were freehanded), scanned using the Mustek scanner, saved in JPEG format, and stitched into a combined JPEG using PhotoVista by Live Picture.  All panoramic shots require the PhotoVista plug-in.



Web Page Development:

These pages were developed using a mixture of Front Page 98 and some manual HTML manipulation (where FrontPage could not be convinced to do things the way I wanted).