Byron Glacier and the 'Zoo'

Created: 9/27/98

Update: 9/28/98 - Added last photo to page.

Their visit almost over, our travellers decided to spend the last full day visiting a glacier close-up. This glacier is accessible from the Portage Glacier Visitor's Center, and is called Byron Glacier. Doug and Michelle had been there previously, and claimed that one could walk right up to a "living" glacier. Unfortunately, the glacier had receeded significantly in the 2 years since our hosts had visited, and was a fairly treacherous climb that our adventurers decided was a little too dangerous. However, it was a beautiful view, and was a nice example of a land-locked glacier.

The hike was rather long and there were quite a few bugs (oddly enough, the only bugs encountered during the entire trip were on this hike), but the views on the way were very nice.

The glacier could be seen fairly closely, but was just a little too dangerous a climb to go up and touch. The views of the glacier were quite spectacular, though.

On the return trip from Byron, our Glacier Viewers decided to stop by a "zoo" of sorts, called "Big Game Alaska". This is apparently an animal refuge where sick or injured animals are kept and allowed to heal. Although expensive, and certainly only worth the trip once (if that), it affords some nice viewing of a variety of animals in some clean and decently large accommodations.

At the gate, the guide issued a cassette tape machine which led the visitor through a "tour" of the park.

It was here (ironically) that most of the animal photos were taken, as the animals were closer than the few seen in the wild during the trip.


Musk Ox (and a peacock hiding in their pen)...

Bald Eagle (with a bad wing)...

and Elk, Caribou, and Buffalo.

On the way back, Donovan was a little hungry, so he decided to enjoy a snack...