The Alaska State Fair

NOTE: This image is the cover from an ad supplement from the Anchorage Daily News, dated Sunday, August 16, 1998. Artwork by W. B. Hughes. There was no sign of a copyright anywhere on the ad, so I am assuming it is a public domain work and using it accordingly. However, I claim no copyright rights to this particular image or its source (again, sorry for the legalese, but you gotta cover your bases these days!).

Created: 9/27/98

It was decided on Tuesday, since Doug was now free for more voyaging, to check out the Alaska State Fair. It was a fairly damp, cloudy, grey day, so the crowds were nonexistent. Our intrepid Fairgoers were very pleased at the lack of people and lines. As you can see, there were plenty of animals for Donovan to check out...

"Get out of my way, Mommy! I can't see!!!"

"Wake up, Daddy!"

The fair also had a "hands-on" area with lots of things to look at, like bubbles!

Of course, not all was animals and bubbles. Lots of food was consumed; funnel cake and other fried delicacies, pasties (beef and chicken), mexican wraps, hot chocolate, coffee, and samples of Birch Syrup (and Birch Syrup candies!) from various parts of the state.

No pictures to be had from these culinary adventures, but certainly a few pounds were added by all!