June 22:  The Flight Down

Melissa and Mathea prepared the day before so we'd be all ready to go.  Starlight had to spend the two weeks at a kennel called "Falmouth Happy Cats" (Thanks, Claire!), but he did manage to help pack.


We had to get up at 4AM to get ready for our flight.  Adam Pride picked us up promptly at 4:30 and drove us to Portland.  We arrived in plenty of time, got through security quickly, and were boarding our first flight before we knew it (but not before some strong coffee and some breakfast).

Flights to Atlanta and Las Vegas were both on time and OK.  We manged to catch a glimpse of the Grand Canyon from the air.  Unfortunately, Hoover Dam was on the wrong side of the plane.  We had a little thunderstorm-induced turbulence, nothing big.  Mathea did very well and kept herself busy for the most part.

Ray and Darlene picked us up at Las Vegas, we went to the RV park ("The Hitchin' Post") had a good time playing in the pool for a while (helped with the approx. 110 degree heat), and had a nice dinner of pulled pork, beans, and slaw.

Hitching Post

Melissa and Mathea worked on their paper journal, then we all went to bed fairly early.

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